Cross-platform service is a cross-platform service allowing businesses to deliver engaging video content to their clients and their clients alone. Unlike other video services though, provides complete control over who can view the videos, allowing the professional to protect and monetise their expertise. is focuses on creating discussions, rather than just being a platform to disseminate videos. Both the business professional and their clients can record themselves, allowing the client to ask further questions in response to a video.

An example of who may use is a personal trainer, such as a Pilates instructor. The instructor can film training sequences and send them to their clients. Of note, also makes it easy for professionals to reuse videos between clients. Consequently, a Pilates instructor could potentially send the same introductory sequence to all of their clients. Each time, a new conversation is created between just the client and instructor, providing the client a safe and secure place to ask questions of their instructor.

iOS App

The iOS app can be found in the iTunes store. Some images of the app can be seen below.


The web client works across all modern browsers. The following is a screenshot of the library, where the specialist can organise their videos.

The system provides viewing data for each video, allowing the professional to determine how well viewed their videos are and even whether the video is retaining the user's attention.