The Wolf Among Us - episodes 1 & 2

March 11 2014
Telltale Games
PS3 iOS PC Vita Xbox360 OSX
Definitely purloin

The Wolf Among Us, is another offering from Telltale, the studio behind The Walking Dead games. Like Broken Age, the game's most notable feature is its intriguing storyline. The game centres around Wolf, a sheriff trying to control the unruly New York district, Fable Town. Although taking the form of a man, Wolf happens to formerly be the Big Bad Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood fable. Indeed, all the cast of characters inhabiting Fable Town are former fairy tale characters, hiding their appearance using cloaking spells known as ‘glamours’. Whilst this might sound a bit fruity, rest assured the game delves into the dark and macabre. You'll find yourself swept up in a world of prostitution, corruption and murder investigation.

All the hallmarks of what made The Walking Dead series great are here; a charismatic, broken, multi-dimensional lead, various confronting, on-the-spot decisions and an engrossing story. The Wolf Among Usis a great example of what point-and-click adventures have become. While traditionalists may say that it’s more story than game, the game remained engaging throughout in a way that Broken Age simply wasn't. Based on the story and execution, this game is worth grabbing, although I wouldn’t recommend doing so on the mobile, as it tends to lag a bit during the action sequences.