Web Development

Large-scale infrastructure - Amazon Web Services

Server scripting - PHP, Python, Node

API design - Restful, Laravel

Static site generation - Jekyll, Liquid

Front-end structure and design - HTML5, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS

Front-end logic - jQuery, Backbone

Screen-reader friendly sites

App Development

iPhone apps - Objective-C, RestKit

Windows development - C#, Visual Studio

Cross-platform - Java, Webapps

Development tools - Git, SVN

Game Development

Game engines - Unity, Source

Animation and Film

Animation - Maya, 3DMax

Editing - Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro

Compositing - Nuke

Design and Visualisation

2D - Photoshop, Illustrator, OmniGraffle

Data analysis and visualisation - R, D3

Cross-platform service

Singlehandedly created API, web-client, native iOS client and marketing website

API built as highly-scalable, restful service


Web app

Built as a HTML5 app

Featured a webGL pane for high performance graphics

Enable Canberra


Created HTML based on Photoshop design

Built for screen-readers and tested by blind users

Self Portrait

Interactive artwork

Built using a game engine and face-tracker

Able to self manage itself

All Nighter

Short film

Composited an animated character into a live-action film

Created in 10 days

Video's Role in Research


Uses info-graphic style

All assets created and animated by myself

FaceOff Paintball

Computer mod

Game developed in C++ using Valve's Source Engine

Distributed to 7000 players, collected detailed usage data from 2000 players

Supporting infrastructure included an API, marketing website and analytical scripts