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Motion-capture with a Kinect and Maya

April 7 2014

This page provides some scripts for capturing the bipedal data provided by a Kinect into a Maya scene. The system is based on Mirage's MayaOpenNIServer software. His program sends several key body locations (head, hands, elbow, feet, knees, and body) through to Maya. My scripts extend this functionality by allowing you to:

  • capture the motion data, i.e. set keyframes for the locators
  • automatically create and rig up a simple character

Images of the character can be seen below. This character, and indeed these scripts, were developed for a film I created back in 2011, the details of which can be found in the short films section.

It is worth noting that I have not used or updated these scripts since creating the film. I imagine they'll need some tuning before they work.

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