Walking Dead: Season Two, ep1

January 11 2014
Telltale Games
iOS PC OSX PS3 Xbox360 Vita Ouya
Worth trying


The first Walking Dead game was considered by many to be one of the best titles of 2013. While it wouldn't necessarily blow you away in a sitting, the title weaved an interesting tale of desperation and survival. At times it presented you with some truly challenging moral choices, with several of them having some pretty substantial repercussions. This became apparent when watching some of the alternatives on a YouTube walkthrough. During the walkthrough the player even teared up by the end. How many games can you say had that effect on players?

Following the structure of its predecessor, Walking Dead Two is presented in five parts. The story directly follows on from the first title, with you taking control of Clementine, the child from the first title. The game doesn't deviate much from what made the first such a hit. Most noticeably, the cinematics have been raised up a notch, albeit at the cost of some freedom. The game feels more guided than before, with most of the decisions pretty incidental and clearer-cut – all of the player-choice statistics at the end showed a clear preference each time. Overall, while the game doesn't hit the same high mark reached at the end of the first series, it's probably a stronger series start. The length will no doubt disappoint, but this title is worth trying.